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                           Welcome New Clients!

Call our office at 512-453-7776 and our friendly receptionists will help you with any questions you have. Allowing for a few extra minutes and having our New Client Form filled out before you arrive can streamline your first appointment. You have your choice of three doctors, and we will always try to book your appointment with the same doctor.

There are times when your doctor isn't available, and we will let you know if that's the case.  Any previous medical history you have on your pet is invaluable. This can be receipts, labwork done, etc. If you don't have it available, just give us the name and location of your previous vet and we can request the history through them. Pet medical history is shared among veterinary clinics as a professional courtesy for current patients only and you can be sure no other private information is released or requested.

Just click here to download the New Client Form, and the New Patient Form.

 New to Austin?

Austin is known for live music (, frequent street festivals (, charity bike rides ( , huge running events ( many other activities. Fortunately for us, we are rarely affected by these since we are nestled in a quiet neighborhood. However, we are unique in our own way.

  • Coyotes -In our area - West of Mopac/Loop 1, the terrain is rocky with dry creek beds flanked by canyons. This is habitat for the coyote, which will on occasion attack dogs in its territory and kill cats for food. We recommend never to leave your cat or dog unattended outdoors if you too, call this area home.
  • Allergies - Keep your Benadryl and Claritin handy. Along with the usual central Texas allergens, we have plenty of juniper trees ("cedar") to exacerbate seasonal allergies. Find comfort in the knowledge that there are many fellow sufferers out there.
  • Go North - There are 3 clinics who have "north" in their name. Just remember we are the one on Dry Creek with big green awnings out front.

Check out these helpful neighborhood sources to make your transition easier.   

Pet food stores

Just For Pets   3742 Far West Blvd, Ste 104, Austin, TX 78737  (512) 342-2220

Pet Sitters

Austin Pet Sitters Organization

Restaurants where You Can Bring Your Pet

   Austin Terrier Restaurant 512-369-3751, 3435 Greystone Drive  
Sun-Thu 11AM-10PM    Fri-Sat 11AM-11PM

Websites for Austin Events






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