Northwest Veterinary Hospital

3817 Dry Creek Dr
Austin, TX 78731


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Dr. Lisa Harrington

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  Our Hospital Team   

   Our veterinary hospital is staffed by pet lovers!  As pet-owners ourselves, we strive to make each pet's time here as positive and relaxed as possible. With monthly continuing education, our staff is always learning up-to-date instructions on the best care for pets.

NW Veterinary Staff Group Photo

When you first enter or call our hospital, you will talk to our friendly reception staff. They are your first source of information for appointments, medications, pricing, and veterinary procedures. As you come in for your appointment, they will check your pet in. Feel free to ask them questions and if they don't know the answer, they will find out for you. There is no cumbersome phone menu system, just solid customer service. We use one of the most comprehensive computer software systems for our industry to create and manage medical records accurately.

The receptionist supervisor handles the more complex transactions, training, reviews medical charts and fees, and is happy to assist you with any concerns.

Our veterinary technicians assist the doctors throughout the hospital from taking temperatures and collecting blood samples, to monitoring patients during surgery procedures. Technicians (or "techs", as we call them) will ask pertinent questions about your pet's general health, behavior, and the reason you brought your pet in to us. They also take your pet's "vital signs" - weight and temperature - before the doctor steps in for the full examination.

These are the same techs who will make your pet comfortable should they need to be day boarded or hospitalized with us. They provide the doctors with written record of each pet's appetite, eliminations, medications given. They have received training in nutrition (One of our techs is a Purina Certified Weight Coach), pain medications, dental care, behavior, and all aspects of pet care.

We also have techs to watch over pets in our boarding kennel. Each pet we board also has a record in front of its cage to record appetite, eliminations and medications. Most of our boarders get their fair share of cuddling from our staff!

The technician supervisor assists in handling more complicated cases, training, and scheduling. Our hospital manager has many years experience taking care of human resources, facility and equipment maintenance, accounts payable and receivables. Should you ever have a concern about your bill, wait time, customer service, or any way we can improve, feel free to let her know.