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Microchipping is the safe, simple procedure that idenitifies your pet for the rest of its life. If your pet is ever lost, a veterinary clinic or shelter can scan your pet for a chip number that contains your contact information. As a result, you and your pet have a much better chance of being reunited.

Collars can break, tags fall off, tattoos can fade and become illegible. There is only one way to permanently identify your pet: a microchip.  They are not affected by X-rays or MRIs. Horses, cows, zoo animals, wildlife - all sorts of animals are identified this way. The chip itself is as small as a grain of rice. A collar and tag are still recommended, but a microchip provides and added level of safety and secuirty should your pet ever by lost. We use Avid FriendChip microchips. Avid is the only company in the world that develops, manufactures, and distributes its own patented microchips and scanners and does the work necessary to return lost pets by operating a 24/7 pet recovery service.       Injecting the microchip under the skin

The chip is injected by syringe around the shoulder area. It contains a unique identifying number.

A special hand-held chip scanner is moved over the area of the injection, and an LED display lights up with the chip number, verifying its placement is correct. Then, the pet and owner contact information is placed in the AvidChip registry. Any future changes of contact information should be given to Avid to insure the owner can be found, no matter the location.