Northwest Veterinary Hospital

3817 Dry Creek Dr
Austin, TX 78731



Our hospital maintains a full, on-site laboratory to perform key diagnostic tests right away - often without delay and without sending samples to an outside lab. This is especially important when a pet is critically ill or injured. There are more specialized tests that do need to be sent out, with results taking from one day to several days."Lilly" gets her exam

We perform a wide range of tests including:

Full blood workup: Complete blood count (CBC) plus chemistry panel

Urinalysis including a sediment exam

Fecal float test for intestinal parasites

Fecal direct test

Heartworm test

Feline leukemia (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV)


Skin sample (scraping) testing  for mange mites

DTM  testing for the ringowrm fungus

Ultrasound for screening minor issues

Lab tests that outside labs perform:

Distemper and rabies titers (Sometimes done to replace annual vaccines)

Skin allergy testing

Ultrasound for illness diagnositics